MRF Full Form Name: MRF Meaning

Full Form of MRF: MRF – Madras Rubber Factory MRF Full Form stands for Madras Rubber Factory. MRF refers to an Indian Multinational company, which is also the biggest producer of tyres in the country. It has its headquarters in Chennai, India. The company produces rubber products such as tyres, tubes, treads, paints, toys, and […] Continue reading →

DLF Full Form Name: DLF Meaning

Full Form of DLF: DLF – Delhi Land and Finance DLF Full Form stands for Delhi Land and Finance. DLF refers to the biggest commercial real estate builders in India, with Kushal Pal Singh being its owner. It was established by ChaudharyRaghvendra Singh in the year 1946. DLF undertakes the development of residential colonies in […] Continue reading →

MIS Full Form Name: MIS Meaning

Full Form of MIS: MIS – Management Information System MIS Full Form stands for Management Information System. MIS concentrates on managing the Information systems for the purpose of providing efficiency as well as the effectiveness of decision making. The concept includes systems which are known as transaction processing systems, expert system, executive information system, and […] Continue reading →

ITC Full Form Name: ITC Meaning

Full Form of ITC: ITC – Indian Tobacco Company ITC Full Form stands for Indian Tobacco Company. ITC refers to a multi-business company that engages in various kinds of consumer goods such as personal care, foods, cigars, and cigarettes, branded apparel, stationary goods, safety matches, packaging, agri-business, Information technology, and Paperboards etc. The company was […] Continue reading →

ICC Full Form Name: ICC Meaning

Full Form of ICC: ICC – International Cricket Council ICC Full Form stands for International Cricket Council. ICC refers to the International governing Council of cricket. It was established under the name Imperial Cricket Conference in the year 1909 by the representatives from Australia, South Africa, and England. It was later renamed as the International […] Continue reading →

LG Full Form Name: LG Meaning

Full Form of LG: LG – Lucky Goldstar LG Full Form refers to Lucky Goldstar. LG is a South Korean MNC which operates in electronics and telecommunication sectors. It is presently the fourth biggest chaebol in the country. It has its headquarters in the LG Twin Towers which is situated in Yeouido-dong, Yeongdeungpo-gu, Seoul. It […] Continue reading →

CID Full Form Name: CID Meaning

Full Form of CID: CID – Criminal Investigation Department CID Full Form stands for Criminal Investigation Department. CID refers to the intelligence and investigation wing belonging to the Indian State Police. It is responsible for undertaking major criminal cases and investigation in the same and thus, has acquired a strong reputation among the masses. The […] Continue reading →

COMPUTER Full Form Name Meaning

Full Form of COMPUTER: COMPUTER – Common Operating Machine Particularly Used for Trade, Education, and Research COMPUTER Full Form refers to Common Operating Machine Particularly Used for Trade, Education, and Research. A Computer is essentially a device that can be given instructions to carry out a set of logical or arithmetic operations automatically. The computer’s […] Continue reading →

PWD Full Form Name: PWD Meaning

Full Form of PWD: PWD – Public Works Department PWD Full Form refers to Public Works Department. PWD usually has three wings, namely: Water resources (abbreviated as WR), Roads & Buildings (abbreviated as R&B), and Drinking Water Supply Sanitation (abbreviated as DWS). Each of these wings is headed by a Chief Engineer.  The R&B department […] Continue reading →

i.e Full Form Name: i.e Meaning

Full Form of i.e: i.e – that is i.e Full Form refers to “that is“. i.e. is essentially “that is” and is perhaps, least understood in grammar world and therefore, under this article, we shall explore the real purposes of i.e. and areas where we put it in the wrong application. People confuse i.e. with […] Continue reading →