OEM Full Form Name: OEM Meaning

Full Form of OEM: OEM – Original Equipment Manufacturer OEM Full Form stands for Original Equipment Manufacturer. OEM or Original Equipment Manufacturer is fundamentally a company the product of which is utilized as components in another company’s product. The other company is called VAR (value-added reseller). The original equipment manufacturer and company, that is engaged […] Continue reading →

RCC Full Form Name: RCC Meaning

Full Form of RCC: RCC – Reinforced Cement Concrete RCC Full Form stands for Reinforced Cement Concrete. RCC is a composite in which the low ductility and tensile strength of concrete are improved by including reinforcements to have high ductility and tensile strength. This reinforcement is done using rebar (reinforcement bars). These bars are passively […] Continue reading →

SHO Full Form Name: SHO Meaning

Full Form of SHO: SHO – Station House Officer SHO Full Form stands for Station House Officer. SHO is primarily a police officer who heads a police station. This term is used specifically in Pakistan and India. A SHO’s ranking is higher than a Sub-Inspector and lower than a DSP (Deputy Superintendent of Police). The […] Continue reading →

SMPS Full Form Name: SMPS Meaning

Full Form of SMPS: SMPS – Switched Mode Power Supply SMPS Full Form stands for Switched Mode Power Supply. An SMPS is a form of an electric supply that uses a switching regulator for efficient conversion of the electric power. In this power supply, the power is transferred from a DC (direct current) or AC […] Continue reading →

PIN Full Form Name: PIN Meaning

Full Form of PIN: PIN – Postal Index Number PIN Full Form stands for Postal Index Number. PIN, also known as the Pin code, is basically a code used in the postal code system in India. This postal code system is used by the IPA (Indian Postal Administration). There are six digits in every Pin […] Continue reading →

IPL Full Form Name: IPL Meaning

Full Form of IPL: IPL – Indian Premier League IPL Full Form stands for Indian Premier League. IPL is a T20 cricket league that contests every year during the months of May. The franchise teams that represent different cities in India take part in these contests. The BCCI (Board of Control for Cricket in India) […] Continue reading →

RDX Full Form Name: RDX Meaning

Full Form of RDX: RDX – Research Department eXplosive RDX Full Form stands for Research Department eXplosive. RDX is basically an organic compound with (O2NNCH2)3 as the formula. It is white in color and used for performing explosions. In chemistry, it comes under the category of nitramide. As compared to TNT, it causes more powerful […] Continue reading →

SUV Full Form Name: SUV Meaning

Full Form of SUV: SUV – Sports Utility Vehicle SUV Full Form stands for Sports Utility Vehicle. SUV is an automobile that is regarded as a light-weight truck but is used in the form of a family vehicle. They look like an estate car or a station wagon of large size and have a 4WD […] Continue reading →

NOIDA Full Form Name: NOIDA Meaning

Full Form of NOIDA: NOIDA – New Okhla Industrial Development Authority NOIDA Full Form stands for New Okhla Industrial Development Authority. NOIDA is a planned city in India managed by NOIDA (New Okhla Industrial Development Authority). It forms an essential portion of the NCR in India. It was established in the year 1976. Sanjay Gandhi […] Continue reading →

FAX Full Form Name: FAX Meaning

Full Form of FAX: FAX – Facsimile FAX Full Form stands for Facsimile. Fax also referred to as telefax or telescoping, is the transmission of a material from one telephone number to another one that is connected to an output device like a printer. A telecopier (that is, a fax machine) scans the original document. […] Continue reading →